Greetings from Rick's Japanese Car Care.

Greetings, and welcome to our new blog! Here at Rick’s Japanese Car Care, we’ve been going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure quality service and customer satisfaction for over a decade. It’s hard to believe that we recently celebrated our 10-year anniversary, and it seems as though we’re just getting started.

We firmly believe that all Japanese makes and models are the most dependable cars on the road today, yet every now and then they need to be serviced; whether getting a top-of-the-line tune-up or having your oil changed, our mechanics take pride in helping your vehicle run like the well-oiled machine that it’s always been.

Our certified, licensed and bonded auto technicians are fully trained, and they’ll continue to provide expedient and excellent service with a smile.

In the near and distant future we’ll be posting pertinent information regarding the most commonly driven Japanese autos, and the luxury models as well. From Dihatsu to Toyota and everything in between, we’ll keep you in the loop on our latest offers, current events and the latest developments as they come in.

Acura, Infinity, and/or Lexus owners can also take advantage of the latest specials; our mechanics are well-equipped with the latest diagnostic tools and they’ll treat your vehicle with the respect it truly deserves, and equally as important, get you back on the road again in a timely fashion.

Feel free to give us a call during regular business hours and we’ll be happy to address your concerns, and yes, we also give free advice. Taking care of your car is as important to us as it is to you, and we’re more than willing to prove it. If we haven’t had the chance to serve you, we certainly look forward to doing so in the future. We’ll be here when you need us!