Do I Have To Bring My Car To The Dealer To Keep It Under Warranty?

Except for recalls and factory warranty work, the answer is no. By law, to keep your vehicle warranty in effect, any certified shop can do service and repair on your new or older vehicle.  If you bring  your car in for repair and the problem is under warranty, we will always notify the customer to take it back to the dealer and have it repaired for free.

That is a big savings to you! Our customers always appreciate that honesty, and that is one reason they always come back for all their other needs.

Ricks Japanese Car Care, Services


Extended Warranty

We honor most extended warranties on your vehicle. Because we use factory quality parts you can rest assure that you’re getting quality service, quality parts and without the high cost of the dealership.

Next Time You Need Service

Remember…When you have qualified, friendly and affordable service near your neighborhood, give us a try, you’ll see why we are different than other places you’ve been to.

Ricks Japanese Car Care, Services

No need to be worried with us. The truth is, most women are concerned when they need car repairs done because they feel they might be taken advantage of. So please remember… no question you ask is ever a frivolous one. We will gladly explain everything on your vehicle that you don’t understand and treat you with utmost respect.

Therefore ladies, don’t ever feel uneasy here. Because Rick’s Japanese Car Care is partially owned by a woman and she has made sure that all women feel comfortable when they come here!